Pastor Ken Jasko

Senior Pastor

Favorite Ice Cream: Peanut butter and Chocolate.
Favorite Movie: Return of the King, Wrath of Khan (Star Trek).
Least Favorite Food: I eat and like everything! I especially like exotic ethnic foods and things I have never tried before.
Favorite Sports Team: New York Yankees (what other team is there?).
Favorite Bible Verse: Joshua 1:5.
Favorite Leisure Activity: Fossil collecting.

One thing most people do not know about me is……. I sold 10,000 hoagies my freshman year in college.

If I were President, I would……. Stop judges from making laws, and restrict them to interpreting them.

What I am looking forward most to in heaven is……. Having all the time in eternity to spend with the Lord.

My dream is……. To see an awakening start in Marlboro which will spread through America and transform it to a godly country.

What I like best about Monmouth Worship Center is……. the love of a great family which exists among the people of the church.


Pastor Ken grew up in Mountainside, NJ. He graduated from Princeton University in 1978 with a BA in biology. Ken is married to Louise, a high school science teacher. They met in high school. They have three children: Timothy, a married software developer in Pennsylvania; Andrew, living in Manhattan; and Christina, who is an editor with Baker Christian Publishing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ken and Louise are the happy grandparents of Lydia, Nathan, and Sophia.

Prior to being at Monmouth Worship Center, Ken worked as a campus minister and assistant pastor in Princeton, NJ.

His favorite hobbies are reading, travel, mineral collecting, and gardening.

Pastor Ken also serves as Sectional Presbyter for the Assemblies of God, overseeing about 35 churches in East Central NJ. He also serves on the board of Doulos Community, a Christian relief ministry in Africa.

Phone: (732) 332-9600