When you walk in the door you will be welcomed by one of our friendly greeters
and handed a guest packet and a bulletin. Inside the packet you will find information about our
church as well as a coupon for a free cappuccino from our coffee bar. There is also an information
slip –please fill it out and drop it in the collection bag as it goes by. Be sure to read the program – it
will give you a good idea of all the activities and ministries available to you at Monmouth Worship

You will find our congregation to be friendly and culturally diverse. The dress code is whatever you
are comfortable in – some will be dressed casually and others will be dressed up.
Our worship is lively and contemporary, led by about a dozen musicians and singers.
After worship, we will next have a time of prayer. You may pray in your seat, or you may come to
the steps to receive prayer. Those around you at the steps may offer to pray for you.
There will be a few announcements, maybe a special song or presentation, and then our message.
Children in grades K through six will be dismissed for Sunday school at this time. The message will
apply the Bible in a practical way to your life. On the back of the bulletin you will find room to take


    We hope you enjoy your visit to Monmouth Worship Center, and look forward to having you return
in the future!